JMP Strategy was founded to make its clients’ businesses better by supporting management teams to develop and execute more effective strategies and make better business decisions.

We help Senior Management teams to make better business decisions in a diverse range of situations.

Our approach is consistent: we ground our insights in rigorous analysis; develop a deep understanding of economics across the value chain; bring a competitive and customer perspective; work across functions to see the whole picture; and highlight the implications and focus on what really matters.

By applying our skills to the problem, we help Senior Management develop a shared fact base for decision-making which highlights the trade-offs and implications of the options available.

Our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, issues and industries combined with our analytical ability, pace of work and creative thinking enable us to respond to our clients’ needs quickly and support decision-making within senior management teams.

From August 2012, we have continued our work as part of a firm that shares our culture, values and approach: OC&C Strategy Consultants. We look forward to working with you in our new environment.

Jim McDonnell
(contact via OC&C | LinkedIn)